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Upcoming Self Storage Class Dates Coming Soon

Kevin Rollings has 25 years experience in the self storage industry. He is well beyond the apprentice and the journeyman level. In fact, he has earned his Certified Self Storage Manager with the Self Storage Association of which he is a member. He now holds Master Classes where he shares his wisdom and experience with investors, owners, and managers who want to learn how to invest and turn a profit in the self storage market.

Rollings has managed over 1683 self storage units. He purchased the two Alcatraz Storage facilities, and, in a short period of time under his direction, the facilities became fully occupied. He now has to turn away new customers.

Self Storage Master Announces Affordable Training for Storage Managers and Investors

Kevin Rollings is no stranger to challenge. He has turned mediocre results into capitalizing solutions. Rollings plans to share his good fortune in Self Storage by sharing his profit-turning skills with other self-storage investors, managers and owners.