He’s not the $800 suit and tie guy — he’s in the trenches and loving every minute of it! He’s down to earth and your guy next door!


A sports fanatic and wonderful coach to kids!  (and adults too)

A dad, a cheering team, a military father, a mentor and supporter of kids (3 of his own) – no matter what!!!

Lover of PIZZA and all things related – the Meat and Potato kinda guy!!

Use to race, sell equipment with Nations Rent, knows how to FLY, yes, fly a helicopter – he’s the do-it-yourself guy!

A desire to TEACH and TRULY GIVE back the blessing he has had with Self Storage and wants you to SUCCEED without breaking YOUR bank!

A supporter and contributor to Wounded Warrier and St. Judes!

A Heart of Gold and a sense of humor!

He really wants to see you achieve your goals… he uses the line of “Pay it Forward” and lives by this daily!

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