Kevin’s Complete Bio

Kevin Rollings is no stranger to challenge. He has turned mediocre results into capitalizing solutions in the Self Storage Industry. His company, Self Storage Facility Management, has been created to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to have a comfortable place to come and be able to learn what a great investment self storage can be for them. They are able to attend a 2 day event that will show them how to acquire financing (if needed), management techniques for the facility and most importantly, the keys to profitability.

Kevin has 25 years of rental experience.  After managing rental stores with Nationsrent for 15 years, Kevin was offered the position of Regional Director by the previous owner of the Alcatraz Storage Facilities located in the Indiana.  Five years later, Kevin now owns three of the facilities he once managed.

He achieved his Certified Self Storage Management Certification and was recently appointed to the Advisory Board for Indiana Self Storage Association. He is a member of the Indiana Self Storage Association and on the board of advisors.

Kevin continues to expand in this bursting market, with another facility pending title work and partnering with other investors throughout the United States.  Kevin has managed over 1683 self storage units through his property management group.  Since the purchase of three Alcatraz Storage facilities (Alcatraz Storage Brownsburg, Alcatraz Storage Muncie & Alcatraz Storage Fort Wayne) in just a short period of time and under his ownership he has taken the facility in Brownsburg to full occupancy. He has formed a strategic alliance with 2 other facilities to send customers to their facilities. Muncie is the newest acquisition and is only at 45% occupancy, but up 12% in 2 months since purchase. Fort Wayne has climbed to 85% occupancy from a start of 62.3%.

The Brownsburg facility has won best storage facility in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Kevin also likes to become involved in the local communities where he has self storage facilities. In Brownsburg, he participates in the local Christmas parade; sponsors ball teams and works with Wounded Warrior and Jacob’s Place. At his Alcatraz Storage Ft. Wayne location he works with Pet Paws Rescue and the Alcatraz Storage facility in Muncie  works alongside, A Pet Rescue Center.

Starting as a self storage manager has given Kevin real personal experience in the self-storage business. Kevin wants to help others achieve success, like his good fortune in Self Storage, by sharing his profit-turning skills with other self-storage investors, managers and owners.

Kevin says, “There is plenty of success possible in the self-storage market if you know where to find the best deals”. The key is to understand the current market and the people who participate in it at every level. That ranges from who is selling and why, all the way to your potential customer. It also involves understanding the ebb and flow of the current economic situation throughout the country.

Kevin is Athletic Director for his local Church, St. Malachy and its school. His love of competition and teaching come together in coaching young people in a wide variety of sports. He also enjoys coaching adults too. His wife, Linda and all three of his children (Kevin Jr., Jason and Lindsay) have not only been a very supportive family but a source of great pride for Kevin. Both of his sons have served the country in the Air Force and the Army. His daughter continues her high school years and has started a group to help people in need. His wife Linda also coaches and is department chair of the English department where she has taught for 33 years at a local high school.

Kevin brings to the investment world a “new” approach and way of learning that is both refreshing and honest!  He’s not your suit and tie speaker — he’s in the trenches and loving every minute of it!  Kevin’s love of sports has him involved with coaching kids and adults!  A devoted husband, a cheering team, a military father and a true desire to TEACH and TRULY GIVE back the blessing he has had with Self Storage and wants you to SUCCEED without breaking YOUR bank!

He really wants to see you achieve your goals… he uses the line of “Pay it Forward” and lives by this daily!