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First and most importantly, I would like to say thank you for stopping by our site!

I’m Kevin Rollings, I am the president and owner of Alcatraz Storage, Luna LLC, Loco Property Management and 2 other self storage companies. I not only oversee these properties and our personnel, but I work with other soon to be entrepreneurs in starting their journey in our industry.    I currently am a member of the NSSA, National Self Storage Association, the ISS, Inside Self Storage and an advisory board member of the ISSA, Indiana Self  Storage Association. Please take some time to investigate our track record and look at our website: http://selfstorageinvestoracademy.com. This really sets the tone of what we want to accomplish with all of the entrepreneurs’ that we work with to build their businesses.

IMG_0673-1024x768I have been fortunate in the self storage industry and enjoy being able to help others attain their dreams of being their own boss. I originally started in the rental tool and equipment world and came to the self storage world about 5 years ago. I started with Scott Meyers, which I’m sure your group may know by name or may have spoken to your group in the past. I was his Regional Manager over his Alcatraz Storage Facilities in the Indianapolis Area. I took part in his academies speaking on the operations and management segment of self storage.  When Scott was no longer able to maintain the Alcatraz Storage facilities and had to relinquish those 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be in the position to purchase one of them (Brownsburg) and have since acquired two more of the Alcatraz Storage facilities (Ft. Wayne & Muncie) that I once managed and were owned by Scott. Today our group is continuing to expand in the Indianapolis area and into other states working with other investors in the purchase process.

Self storage is a tremendous opportunity especially in the current economic climate in the world today. This particular real estate product has enjoyed being a relatively safe investment when proper business practices are employed. This type of real estate normally performs in both good and bad economic times. Knowledgeable ownership and management is the key. Understanding the details is critical.

I am confident that we will be able to introduce them to a fantastic industry that is still virtually unknown. The way to become an investor or owner in a fun real estate environment.

In my personal life, I am the Athletic Director for my Parish, St. Malachy in Brownsburg, Indiana. I have coached a wide variety of sports for 24 years and have always enjoyed working with and teaching children and adults. I also work on other committees within our Parish.

I’m not doing this to sell a false hope. I take this very seriously and because of what I have experienced, I want to take that information and the opportunity to help others get started in this business. I do not claim to be a guru or a leading expert like some others may do however, I am well educated in this industry and I have been able to take that knowledge and build prosperous self storage facilities by working hard and paying attention to the needs of my businesses. I want to pay this forward because of my good fortune.

The bottom line is that there are no guarantees of success or becoming a millionaire, regardless of what others may claim. Those are achievable goals if you are willing to work hard, do all of the work required and make wise business decisions. That’s why I am here offering to help anyone with the dream of being there own boss, of a secure career and an opportunity to own your own business.

Please feel free to contact me or my associate if you’d like to have me speak to your group or if you have questions about Self Storage!

Kevin Rollings

Kim Lindley, Director of Operations

VM: 1-866-404-1313

Direct:  317-858-3158 (to schedule speaking)

Kevin’s Teaching Philosophy…. a bit different than you are accustomed to………

I am a bit different from the other speakers. There are no high pressure sales or constant attempts to sell a coaching or mentoring program to your members. I want to help your members find a way to start their careers, not spend their hard earned dollars in areas that don’t achieve ownership.  I do offer a 2 day training session that is very hands on, affordable and informative with one-on-one teaching.  We have limited seating available (no more than 25 to 30 max). We cover investment options, management and operations. Teaching exactly what your members need to have to find success in this niche.