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Who Am I?

Kevin Rollings just a “down to earth” person, probably a lot like yourself! I’m not the fancy suit and tie guy — I’m not a proclaimed “guru” or speaker! I do teach, and have for years, but mostly SPORTS, as a coach and the Director of Athletics, which keeps you unbelievably busy!

I am also the owner of the Alcatraz Storage Facilities located in Brownsburg, Ft. Wayne and Muncie Indiana. I was once the Regional Manager of these facilities and I purchased them – I OWN them! :)

I hope that you will visit my site: for more information about myself and my portfolio and then let me assist you in achieving your self storage investing career!

Talk to you soon! Kevin

Did you know?

Inc. Magazine, Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur Magazine call Self Storage the fastest growing class of real estate in the U.S. over the past several years especially17 during this recession.

Why? Everyone need storage, okay maybe not everyone but statics show that homeowners and business are using self storage more now than ever. What happens when the economy is booming? People buy more things, replace old things but don’t want to give them up and they need to store it in self-storage. During this recession, both residential homeowners and businesses are downsizing – so, what happens? Well, they need a cost effective way to store their items till they can use them again!

Self-storage is also very easy to run and manage, not to mention a FUN business to run! You set your own hours, you get involved in your community and the best thing about investing in self storage at the end of the day you still own your investment and people are paying you to use it! What gets better than that?